one of my favourite things about my childhood and my dad

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i want to change my facebook cover photo to the yanis tsarouchis artwork of the naked guards (which is below) but i dont want to bring shame to my family and be banish to the woods.

remember that time i shaved my head for worlds greatest shave and some guy said i look like a dick with ears? imagethat was a good time

i even liked the insult im so supportive



Debussy - Claire de Lune

Third movement of Suite bergamasque by Claude Debussy, a piano depiction of a Paul Verlaine poem


It is mental health awareness week

reikawaiklub replied to your post “I have to use my laptop tomorrow for my group presentation and I have…”

omg youll be good. porn wont start playing (hopefully) lol

i was looking forward to it as well but im so embarassed by my fail dye and i sniffle at every second word.